the Millennial Mormon

Millennials are self-absorbed, technology addicted, nonreligious human beings who can’t focus on anything but their participation trophies they got as kids… Right? Talk to nearly anyone and you’ll hear all of that and maybe more. Of course, that’s just a generalization, but it is so hard to break free of stereotypes. I’m a millennial, and while I do use my fair share of technology and social media I like to think I’m not very egotistical or self-centered–I mean the majority of my waking life is centered around my five kids, so focusing on just me is a little impossible.

Oh, and I’m an active member of organized religion.

I was born and raised in the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. In an age of exploring what spirituality may mean and embracing abstract ideas of who (or what) God is, I’m an oddity. I read the Bible. I read the Book of Mormon. And I love it.

Religion hasn’t always been a big deal in my life. In fact, I was distant from religion for a while in my late teen/early adulthood. There’s a long story behind all that and I’ll have to share it sometime, but here I am in the heart of “Mormonism” and here I’ll stay.

Here’s the dealio: I’m going to let you see what Mormonism looks like from an active member’s eyes. I’m going to share all the funny, weird, and creative stuff I do to connect emotionally to my religion (think service projects, scripture journaling, trips with my kids to religious places, temple worship, etc). I’ll be honest about how the Church and accepting Christ into my heart and life has changed me, so if you have questions for me feel free to reach out and ask. 




Author: millennialmormon

Nikita is a regular lady who gets through the day one a wing and a prayer and with help from God. She’s a stay-at-home-mom to five crazy awesome kids and is married to her best friend of 22 years. This is her blog about loving Jesus and living life.

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