20915626_10154533702632574_1157327380302013485_nHey guys! I’m Nikita and there are three things you should know about me before you read my blog: I’m a mom, I’m a Mormon, and I’m a Millennial.

The millennial generation is considered largely nonreligious. That’s where I’m a little different, aside from spending a vast majority of my time as a professional stay at home kid wrangler I enjoy studying scripture and religion.

I live in northern Utah and am an active member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (aka the Mormon Church). That doesn’t seem to surprise many people since Utah seems to be the epicenter of the LDS Church. What does seem to surprise people is that even though I was raised in the Church I haven’t been active my whole life and spent a lot of my teen years and early adulthood distancing myself from religion. In fact, some people saw me as a bit of a black sheep.

I didn’t get involved in my religion again until right before my first child was born, but it was something I truly felt I needed to not only better my life, but to make things better for her. A couple years after I started going back to church I reconnected with my childhood best friend and we ended up getting married. Now we have five kids altogether and we love the life we’re living.

Some of my favorite things to do outside of spending time with my five kids and awesome husband are playing video games, reading, doing yoga, and learning to do new things.